Renovation Diary (Part 1) - Random Thoughts

At the end of 2023, my new house was finally delivered 🎉. Adhering to the principle of saving money whenever possible, I refused to customize the entire house and decided to take it step by step. Over the past 4 months, there have been some small changes in my home, and my wallet has also shrunk.

First of all, after moving in, I spent nearly 100,000 RMB. The main expenses are as follows (from high to low):

  1. Delivery fees, including mandatory deed taxes, property fees, miscellaneous fees: 40,000+
  2. Appliances, including refrigerator, washing and drying set, coffee machine (purely personal preference), small appliances: 20,000+
  3. Furniture, bed frame and mattress, custom metal wardrobe (custom carpentry, cabinet door customization, internal metal shelves), dining table and chairs: 20,000+
  4. Home textiles and miscellaneous items, curtains, screens, household toolboxes: 5,000+

I estimate that I will need to spend nearly 30,000 RMB to purchase a sideboard, desk, bookshelf, bedside table, etc. in the future...

Actually, refusing to customize the entire house didn't save much money, but I observed that my friends all had the same customized houses, and the materials used were not particularly environmentally friendly. There were also various problems such as annoyance with telemarketing calls. Saving money is secondary, and it's more of a protest against the custom home market!

Custom Metal Wardrobe#

Since I need to move in by March, I chose a metal wardrobe. It's a type of wardrobe with wooden doors, but the interior is actually made of metal shelves. The most famous one is IKEA's BOAXEL. I plan to order this shelving system for the interior, but I haven't placed the order yet.


For the exterior doors, I chose folding doors from Japan's LIZZ. Mainly because they have a higher environmental rating compared to domestic brands. I also wanted to experience the feeling of fully opening the doors. These doors can be completely opened, unlike sliding doors that can only be partially opened each time. However, I have been waiting for the custom doors for 4 months and they still haven't been delivered, which makes me very upset. It's inconvenient to live without a wardrobe, and after installing the doors, I still need to repaint the entire house, which will cause some odor for a period of time.

Appliance Selection#

I made some mistakes. I made the choices based on my own preferences and I quite like the Panasonic brand. However, Panasonic's service is not good. During installation, I had to help lift the dryer myself, which is beyond my capabilities. Since it requires two people to lift it, why not provide two installation workers? There were also additional charges, which I cannot accept. After buying the refrigerator and washing and drying set, I may no longer like Panasonic. Expensive but with poor service, that's not acceptable to me.
I chose the Panasonic washing and drying set called "Bai Yue Guang PP" because it has a hair removal function, which is why I chose it since I have a cat at home. Personally, I don't think it's cost-effective considering the price of 9,000 RMB, and the washing and drying sounds are quite loud. The refrigerator has the appearance and touch that I like, it's okay, but not outstanding.

Other Items#

Indeed, it exceeded my budget expectations. The curtains and sheer curtains for a three-bedroom apartment, plus auxiliary materials, cost a total of 2,900 RMB. After installing them, I realized that sheer curtains are not necessary and can reduce some expenses.
I inquired with local merchants on Taobao, and the prices for screens were quite high. Pocket screens under 1 square meter cost around 370 RMB each, including installation. After searching for a long time, I found a local factory direct seller that offered screens for around 220 RMB each, but installation was not included. If I wanted installation, it would cost an additional 400 RMB for all screens. After researching how to install screens, I found that it's not difficult, especially for men, but as a woman, it might be a bit more challenging for me, but not impossible. I purchased 2 screens and tried installing them. The method I summarized is as follows:

  1. First, use adhesive to temporarily fix the screens to the window frame.
  2. Then, use an electric drill to secure the screens with nails.

After a few days of trial and error, I managed to install the screens. I plan to use the same method to install the remaining ones.

I'm tired of writing... Let me vent a bit. Renovating is really exhausting 💤, I have simplified everything.

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